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Lutron Integrated Music Streaming

Add LODE with your Luton installation and enjoy HiFi quality audio streaming fully integrated into your Lutron solution.

LODE Audio with Lutron Lighting

In the world of modern smart homes, the integration of cutting-edge technology is key to creating an unparalleled living experience. Our media server solutions not only provide exceptional audio but also seamlessly merge with your Lutron Lighting Homeworks system, thanks to Lutron’s advanced TCP API integration.

Imagine effortlessly adjusting the ambiance of your home while enjoying your favorite music. With our media server’s integration with the Lutron Lighting Homeworks system, this is now a reality. The Lutron solution allows you to synchronize your lighting and music server with a simple button press.

This feature is not only great for residential, but also for commercial and hospitality installations where more complex control endpoints such as iPad etc might not be available in every location.

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No matter if your project is using a standard digital / analogue matrix, you are running a Dante / AES67 distribution or no matrix at all and wish to use LODE’s multi room feature, LODE has the solution for your project. See our range of products to find the best fit for you.

Driver Downloads

There are no drivers needed for the Lode integration with Lutron, it is as simple as using the Homeworks software to create the relevant connection to Lode and map your buttons to commands.

Please login to see the Lode API documentation and also view Lutron’s documentation on this stunning integration.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any feature of Lode on more detail.