Introducing the Lode Audio Servers – Stunning Audio Performance with Beautiful Control

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The Lode Difference

We care about performance and control.

Lode Audio is a UK-based audio company that creates class-leading music streaming products for the Custom Install industry. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our goal is to become the leading High Resolution audio content delivery system for the Custom Installation Industry. Based on a real love of music played in its native form, Lode Audio was created out of a need to re-introduce high-quality music reproduction to the CI market.

Lode Audio brings together real-world high-end custom installation knowhow with IT hardware and programming design expertise not normally associated with Custom Installation. Our design brief was simple – create a range of products that enables custom installers have the tools required to provide truly world class, tailored audio solutions for their customers.

Ultimately, we believe that the performance of a great installation is only as good as the source material played through it. At Lode Audio, our products have been developed to deliver exceptional multi-room control combined with audiophile performance – no matter what the application.


“The Lode Audio platform is one of the few multi room audio systems that hails performance as its primary aim. It is extremely important that we work with like-minded companies and this integration in particular highlights the importance of high quality music streaming to the custom installation market.”

TidalPål Bråtelund, Strategic Partnership Manager
  • Scalable

    Supports 64 rooms of independent audio with any number of grouped rooms, with the lowest audio and control latency. All this without the need for any custom network configuration.

  • Quality

    With native High Resolution playback and 32/192khz uniform up-sampling from every source including streaming services, Lode Audio provides the ultimate audio performance

  • Reliability

    Designed and manufactured in the UK, all products have been created specifically for the CI market, using heat efficient aluminum casework with no moving parts

  • Control

    Completely controllable from a desktop and/or mobile device as well as full integration into leading home automation control systems

  • Content

    An expanding range of performance music services, internet radio, playlists and favourites, extended AirPlay per zone and the ability to index exceptionally large Local music libraries provide the user with incredibly varied and vast musical choices

  • Multi-Application

    From residential through to commercial, hospitality and marine applications, Lode Audio products are designed to deliver high-quality music content no matter where they are installed

Control System Integrations