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ELAN Music Streamer

Add LODE with your ELAN installation and enjoy HiFi quality audio streaming fully integrated into your ELAN solution.

LODE Audio with ELAN

LODE has integrated with ELAN since 2018. We have developed the driver in conjunction with Intrinsic Group who are the leading ELAN driver developer.

Whether you are performing a new installation or a retrofit into an existing installation, LODE has the hardware and drivers to support your install.

Our drivers are super fast and simple to use. We also NEVER break any existing installations with firmware upgrades.



No matter if your project is using a standard digital / analogue matrix, you are running a Dante / AES67 distribution or no matrix at all and wish to use LODE’s multi room feature, LODE has the solution for your project. See our range of products to find the best fit for you.


Driver Downloads

Please login above to download drivers and documentation for the ELAN platform.

You can also reach out to us on the contact form above to arrange a demo of the LODE system working with ELAN.

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