Residential – any room, any music

The audio you want, when you want it. That’s the promise of Lode. Whether your client is relaxing, working or working out, they have the playlist to match their mood at their fingertips.

Integration with home automations means that they can set up and control Lode remotely, just as they can set the right level of lighting to complement the ambience.


Lode are proud partners with Tidal, with their superior music catalog, high definition content and respect for the music industry, we believe they are the best music service providers in the world.

35,000,000+ songs, available in over 50 countries, Lode and Tidal are an awesome combination.

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  • Quality

    Lode can stream and distribute the highest quality formats available from our licensed partners

  • Streaming Services

    A fantastic choice of music streaming services from the highest quality streaming providers

  • Internet Radio

    Thousands of internet stations customised to your geographic location

  • Music Library

    Local music library integration including importing of iTunes playlists

  • Control

    Control system integration with the leading home automation brands

Relaxing or Entertaining

Lode is the perfect audio solution for the home whether you want to just relax and listen to your favorite playlist, or entertaining and want to bring the whole house to life with the sound of music.

Large Property – No Problem

Lode can support up to 64 zones of audio in point to point mode and 256 zones of audio in multicast mode, providing vast expansion capability for your home audio.

  • Party Mode

    Group all your rooms together for sychnrosied playback to the whole house

  • Favourite Music

    Save your favourite music to easily accessible playlists

  • Integration

    Seamlessly integrate Lode into the house for the full smart home experience

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