LA1 Rear

The LA1 Audio Server

Whether requiring a single zone source for a dedicated room/bar/yacht or looking to create a multiroom audio system that exceeds the performance expectations of the audiophile, Lode Audio’s LA1 is a revolutionary stand alone addition to our suite of multi-room audio servers.

The LA4 Audio Server

Featuring four independently controlled zones of audiophile performance, the LA4 audio server enables users to listen to their music content in any room they choose.  Scalable to 64 zones and offering simple integration into leading automation platforms or control via our own iOS/Android apps, simple control and bullet-proof build/reliability makes the LA4 the installers audio source of choice.

LS1 Front_noears

The LS1 Sonos Bridge

Ever wanted to fully integrate Sonos into your custom-install solution? Well, now you can with the LS1 from Lode. The LS1 acts as a bridge between Sonos and your control system, whether it’s Crestron or AMX…..

Discontinued end of 2017.