You’ve created the setting. Now create the mood.

Using Lode on the water lets you match the music to the moment….perhaps a bouzouki piece as they sail through the Cyclades, calypso as they cruise the Caribbean, or merengue while in port in Puerto Rico.

Wherever you are sailing, whatever the occasion, Lode lets you make more of an impression and create memorable moments.

Lode can be controlled centrally or in individual zones, so you and your passengers can create a completely different atmosphere in every area of the vessel with ease or play the same audio throughout.

  • Integrated Audio for The Yachting Market

    Integrate Lode into your vessel to provide your family and gusts with the best audio experience to compliment your adventures

  • Restaurants & Bars

    Entertain your guests with pre loaded playlists of music tailored to your setting

  • Pool Side

    Let your guests relax by the pool taking in the views whilst listening to their favourite music

  • Lounges & Shopping

    The power of audio to influence the consumer’s frame of mind in retail is well established. Lode lets your client create an appropriate playlist and interrupt it for in-store messaging.

Lode for Cruise Ships

Leveraging Tidal business with Lode on a cruise ship allows you to build sets of predefined playlists and download them to the Lode unit for use at sea where there is no internet connection.

Whats even better is that Tidal business offers fully PRS and PPL licensed content, so once you return to shore and get connected, Lode will simply report your playback history and Tidal will manage the rest.

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