Commercial – so many ways to harness the power of music

Lode can be used in sophisticated applications in commercial environments.

Retail: The power of audio to influence the consumer’s frame of mind in retail is well established. Lode lets your client create an appropriate playlist and interrupt it for in-store messaging.

Business: In office premises, Lode lets the user tailor the audio to create a warm welcome at reception, an upbeat mood in the staff restaurant, and a calming effect in shared break-out areas.


Tidal business offers PRS and PPL licensed content.

35,000,000+ songs, available in over 50 countries, Lode and Tidal are an awesome combination.

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  • Influence

    Deploy the power of audio to influence customer behaviour and stimulate spend

  • Selection

    Play the corporate selection, not an individual employee’s personal playlist

  • Mood

    Create the mood that reflects your brand identity and merchandising style

  • Synchorised

    Distribute the same audio at the same time across multiple locations

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