LS1 Installation Guide

All Lode for Sonos LS1 processors are shipped with the static IP address of

To configure the LS1unit follow these simple steps:

  1. Please refer to our tips for installing Sonos page before proceeding
  2. Change the LAN IP address of the machine you are on to an IP on the same subnet, for example
  3. Plug a network cable directly from your machine’s LAN port to the LAN port of the LS1 processor or via the network swicth.
  4. Open a web browser and proceed to the LS1 units web console, which can be located:
  5. Login to the LS1 web console, the password is: s1r3c0ntr0l
  6. You can now change the IP details of the LS1 unit. The LS1 unit must be set to static IP address; hence there is no option for DHCP.
  7. You can now access the LS1 web console using the IP address you configured the unit with to complete the setup.

Post Installation Steps

Please visit our website and download the latest Lode for Sonos firmware. Firmware can be applied to the processor through the LS1 web console.

Further Documentation, Downloads & FAQ

You can find Crestron & AMX drivers, API Documentation and frequently asked questions on our website, please visit: and the resources menu tab.

To raise a support ticket, please email: with your query and include your processors serial number as a reference.
Installer Notes
Lode for Sonos API v1.4 Documentation