Lodenet just got a whole load smarter

We’ve done a huge amount of work in our last firmware release to optimise the listening experience by adding front and rear side buffers to reduce playback cut outs on poor broadband connections. These buffers also make track seeking for streams feel like you’re seeking in local content.

Lodenet audio distribution latency has also been optimised down to 5ms. This has been done to support the soon coming audio inputs to the system to ensure the removal of lip sync issues when sending audio from video sources. This makes Lodenet some 16 times faster than other platforms that average around 80ms latency.


Try Lode Audio for under £1,000

Between now and the end of 2015 we are offering demo units of the Lode LA4 for £950, yes thats 4 zones of awesome audio to play with for under £1,000.

Get in touch with us here to organise a demonstration of the product.


What else have we been up to?

Here at Lode we listen to the feedback from the you guys on the installation side and are constantly adding features based on request.

October saw the launch of our Control4 driver which has been wonderfully received by installers. As always, we have had some great feedback about the performance of the driver.

Local content indexing now runs every minute, so no need to wait when new tracks are added to a local library.

Application back-linking can now be performed using lodeaudio:// And thanks to IOS9 no work needs to be done the other end to return to your control system application. Only valuable to those control systems we don’t have drivers for.

Lode is proud to announce support of Hotelradio FM. More to come on this next month with our official launch of the integration, but very exciting for those of you involved in hotel and hospitality installations.

Thanks also to those of you that have taken the time to vote for features on our website. Watch this space as the LA1 is coming soon. Inputs, outputs, amplification everything that you have asked for.

Please continue with the great feedback and requests, this product is made for you guys and our entire development road map is dictated by you.

Click here to provide feedback or vote for features.