LS1 – Sonos Control System Integration

Ever wanted to fully integrate Sonos into your custom-install solution? Well, now you can with the LS1 from Lode. The LS1 acts as a bridge between Sonos and your control system, whether it’s Crestron or AMX. Lode provides a simple command line API providing you with two-way communications to your Sonos environment.

We have designed and developed a robust hardware solution to overcome this persistent problem. No more flaky drivers that promise much and deliver little, the LS1 provides stability, scalability, robustness and performance for your Sonos integration.

Lode For Sonos


Introducing the LS1

Ls1 Front

Currently Supported Devices

  • ZP90
  • ZP120
  • Connect
  • Connect Amp
  • Play S5
  • Play S3
  • Play S1
  • Play Bar
  • Sub

Currently Supported Services

  • Play from Sonos network share
  • Player zoning
  • Transport controls
  • Sonos favourites
  • Queue management
  • Search available sources
  • Spotify integration
  • TuneIn integration
  • Pandora integration (US only)
  • iHeart Radio
  • SiriusXM

Additional Features

  • Album art caching
  • Album art redirection
  • Album art resizing
  • Track progress configurations for frequency
  • Configurable music services
  • Character set encoding support
  • String length management for Crestron