Hospitality & Leisure – create the perfect experience

Using Lode in hospitality and leisure is all about helping to create the perfect experience for guests and visitors. Lode can complement the image your clients have worked hard to create with interior design and décor.

Music can be tailored to the time of day and to different areas to help guests unwind or energise: the lobby, reception, the restaurant and bar, the spa, the gym, the rooftop, the terrace… Clients have the freedom to create a completely different atmosphere in each of these areas and now they can – flexibly, simply. They retain overall control to prevent members of staff imposing their personal choice of music on guests.

While Lode will typically be controlled centrally, using the audio the client has created and curated, they could just as easily allow every guest choose the audio for their own room from a selection of stations from music service providers such as, which offers ‘ready to play’ packages. Guests can adjust their listening choice along with the lighting and room temperature for their personal comfort.

hotel-radio-logo™ offers over 60 music programs right out of the box.™ professional DJ’s take care about the playlists every day. If you only have a small budget: They also offer a starter package with 10 music programs for an entry price.


  • Extensive

    A rich repertoire of over half a million tracks – all handpicked – is the musical backbone of™.

  • Choice of programs™ DJ’s compile more than 50  music programs, ranging from pop to jazz and beyond.

  • Legal

    Don’t worry,™ is legally licensed and can also be used in a commercial environment.

  • State of the art

    Professional radio automation systems, outstanding audio quality, highest availability, compatible with almost any system.

  • Convenient™ was created to unburden you from daily music management. Use the spare time to care about your guests!

  • Extensible

    Looking for your very own music concept?™ DJ’s can create and manage custom music programs exclusively for you.

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