Continued Development = Happy Customers!

Never a company that sits still, we continue to work hard to bring our customers the very latest drivers for the market-leading control platforms.  We are, therefore, delighted to announce today the launch of our Creston Media Player driver and the launch of our Command Fusion driver.

Constantly looking at ways we can add value for Lode customers, read on to see what we are now offering, all free-of-charge to Lode users:


We are very proud to announce that the Lode Crestron Media Player object has passed our beta testing and is now available as a download from our website. Many thanks to those of you who took the time to test and comment on the pre-release of the driver and continue to feedback to us.


Crucial updates that are included in the fully-fledged driver include:

  • Saving of queues as playlists
  • Direct API calls via the driver
  • All source selection now done via cross point
  • Zone grouping support for those not using a separate audio matrix

We will continue to enhance this driver based on your feedback, so please do keep all feedback coming to


We have had much demand for this driver and opted to develop our own solution in conjunction with Dubai-based Platinum Vision, one of the most professional integrators in the world. We are very proud of the outcome and are pleased to announce that we have now added Command Fusion to our collection of drivers for our range of Lode Audio Servers.

Command fusion offers a very flexible, high performance and rich end user experience, without the need for processors within the control landscape.


Crestron and AMX users – did you know that you can add Command Fusion interfaces to your existing projects?  Contact us for more information.

If you have a great idea, we will work with you to make it happen!

At Lode, we constantly explore ways to make our products more integrated with our customer’s systems.  To this end, we actively look for ideas and compatibility solutions and like to actively work with our customers to ensure seamless integration.



A good example of this collaboration was with the newly-launched Command Fusion driver.  Having worked with us before on other projects, Dubai-based high-end install business Platinum Vision had given up on trying to integrate consumer-focused products into CI systems and wanted a dedicated audio solution.  With Command Fusion being one of its control platforms of choice, Technical Director at Platinum Vision, Simon Dzeletovic, contacted us to see if it was possible.

As Simon comments, “Platinum Vision has been working with Lode audio for some years, but due to the growing demand of our clients and the limitations placed on us by other solutions, we needed to improve our audio solution and control capability.  As a result, we opted to evolve away from our original consumer-ended product offering because of those technical and performance limitations and select a control interface that was fast and responsive.

Working closely with the team at Platinum Vision to make sure we achieved a fully-fledged Command Fusion control suite, the Lode technical team created the required drivers in record time.  “The new Command Fusion driver is testament to the capabilities and communication from both of our teams who worked together very well to provide the solutions that excel.”, added Simon.

Command fusion offers a very flexible, high performance and rich end user experience without the need for processors within the control landscape.  We are very proud of the outcome and delighted to add Command Fusion to our collection of drivers for our range of Lode Audio Servers.

Simon continues, “Through the process of migrating our offering to completely focus on Lode’s server solutions, we have formed a very close relationship on both a technical and business level with the team.  I can say that Lode is an exciting company that really understands our business needs and offers a technical ability and turnaround that outpaces the competition and fits with our very exacting demands.”

Andy Oattes, Head of Sales and Marketing here at Lode, added, “Platinum Vision is a world leading integration company with very demanding clients. Working closely with experienced installers to offer the high-levels of service, software development and, above all, performance helps keep us ahead of the competition, whilst providing our clients with high performance multi-room audio and intuitive, exciting and immersive control experience’.

Do you have an installation that requires bespoke integration development?  If yes, we would be very happy to hear from you and see how we can work together to give your customers the high-end experience they require.

Contact us here and we would be delighted to chat through your requirements.