Win a free Lode LA4 Music Server!


Here at Lode we value your feedback on the direction we should take our products from both a hardware and software perspective. To enter into a prize draw for a chance to win a free Lode LA4 server, please take a couple of minutes to answer a quick online questionnaire.

The prize draw will be picked the second week of June 2016. We’d like to thank everyone in advance for their feedback and hope you’re the lucky winner.
Click here to enter the draw.

What’s in our latest 1.5.18 firmware?

We launched our latest 1.5.18 firmware in March 2016, whats new?

  • Airplay interrupt – You can now Airplay to any zone of Lode on the network without having to select Airplay as the source. This feature can be enabled through the Advanced Settings of the admin interface.
  • Airplay hardware volume control – You asked for it, so we added it. Now when Airplaying to any zone of Lode the volume can be controlled driectly for the IOS device without the need to use the Lode App.
  • Volume trim – Many of you have asked us for the functionality to limit the volume on a zone by zone basis to help protect speakers and amplifiers from poor usage. This has been added and can be configured via the Player Settings to limit the volume to a given percentage.
  • Twonky support – You can now enable Twonky support via the Media Services section of the admin interface.
  • Many other performance enhancements, tweaks and fixes have been added.

Control system induction courses


Want to get the most out of your Lode platform and control system integration. Lode is now offering one on one control system induction courses to help teach your programmers useful tips and tricks for creating truly custom audio solutions.
  • Create a point of difference by designing and delivering audio control solutions customised to your customer’s usage. 1 button radio or playlist launches or automation of room grouping as examples.
  • Reduce programming time by bootstrapping your programmers with in depth module knowledge.
  • No need to attend any classroom, all training is provided via remote sessions.
Induction courses are available for £150 a session.
Click here to contact us for more details.