Introducing the Lode LA4 Multi Room Server


The Lode LA4 is a revolutionary multi-room audio system enabling playback of high quality audio to any room in a property, all controlled from your mobile device or home automation control system.

Built on Lode’s Lodenet™ technology, audio can be played synchronously throughout the property without the issues of interference, delays and outages experiences by many wireless based audio systems. The Lode LA4 is able to deliver audio streams from your iTunes library, internet radio and streaming services all at the touch of a button.
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What is Lodenet™

Lodenet™ is Lode’s own audio over ethernet protocol. With Lodenet™ you can stack up to 64 zones of audio on a network with full synchonised playback of music on any number of zones without the need for an audio matrix.

Lodenet™ is by default a unicast protocol that can be used on any networking equipment without the need for custom hardware that many high performance audio over ethernet protocols require. Lodenet™ can support up to 32bit high definition content distribution and playback.

Lodenet™ can scale up to 256 zones of audio when configured in multicast mode.

Lode with Control4

With our friends at Janus Technologies, we have developed a stunning Control4 driver that rivals all others media platforms in it’s performance with Control4. The driver takes advantage of all the latest media proxy objects from Control4 and also integrates seamlessly with the Control4 audio matrix should you have other input sources to consider. The combination of Lode and Control4 provides a simple integration with awesome high definition audio playback.

Not only is this a perfect unity of two great platforms, but unlike other more retail product integrations with Control4 where there is no margin, with Lode you can start earning profit from an audio solution at a price point that still works for all parties.



More Music Services Coming Soon

We are constantly working away in the background on new music service integrations. Coming in early 2016, we will be launching our Rhapsody Napster integration as well as the much requested integration with Twonky Media server.