Introducing the desktop control suite


Now your clients can control Lode via our free desktop apps for Windows & OSX.


  • Music browsing with album art.
  • Zone grouping including party mode.
  • Grouped volume controls.
  • Simple and sleek cross service music search.
  • Playlists & favourites management.
  • Queue organization and saving.
  • And much, much more……

*Requires Lode Audio firmware 1.5.10


Watch our Apps in action…


A great alternative to Sonos.

With the Lode control suite, coupled with the integration of the best audiophile streaming services, Lode is the perfect replacement for Sonos in your rack. Offering higher quality audio playback and a better dealer margin.

Lode’s Lodenet™ protocol enables you to have up to 64 zones of audio in a single rack with no need for a matrix to manage zone grouping.


Coming Soon

More awesomeness around the corner, brace yourself Control4 dealers, the Lode LA4 driver is coming…

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