LODE LA4 – now with AirPlay

2015 is a great year for multi-room audio thanks to our new updates.

The LA4 now enables AirPlay of localised content to each audio zone on the network using LODE’s AirPlay bridge technology, that’s 4 zones of AirPlay in each LA4 unit.


Top Features.Lode_airplay

  • 4 zone (stackable up to 50 zones of audio).
  • AirPlay bridge to each zone (NEW).
  • Zone management using LODENET.
  • Queue & playlist management.
  • Local music integration.
  • iTunes playlist support (NEW).
  • Rdio Integration.
  • Internet radio integration.
  • SoundCloud integration.

Control & Integration.

  • Native Amx integration.
  • Native Crestron integration.
  • LODE designed iOS & Android apps.