Sire Control is now Lode Audio



Sire Control is synonymous with the Sire for Sonos integration bridge, allowing customers to unleash the integration potential of Sonos with Crestron and AMX.

Whilst we love Sonos and will continue to support and develop the Sire for Sonos products, we have been busy the last year developing and manufacturing our own multi room audio product – the LODE LA4 audio server, which we will be launching later this month.

With this new product range, we decided that a new brand was required.  therefore, we are delighted to announce that Sire Control is now Lode Audio.  The name may have changed but the people here and the products will remain the same.


The LA4 is a 4 zone media server expandable over the network using our patent pending audio over ethernet protocol LODENET.

We will send out more information on the LA4 a few days before launch, in the meantime if you would like further information