Lodenet just got a whole load smarter

We’ve done a huge amount of work in our last firmware release to optimise the listening experience by adding front and rear side buffers to reduce playback cut outs on poor broadband connections. These buffers also make track seeking for streams feel like you’re seeking in local content.

Lodenet audio distribution latency has also been optimised down to 5ms. This has been done to support the soon coming audio inputs to the system to ensure the removal of lip sync issues when sending audio from video sources. This makes Lodenet some 16 times faster than other platforms that average around 80ms latency.


Try Lode Audio for under £1,000

Between now and the end of 2015 we are offering demo units of the Lode LA4 for £950, yes thats 4 zones of awesome audio to play with for under £1,000.

Get in touch with us here to organise a demonstration of the product.


What else have we been up to?

Here at Lode we listen to the feedback from the you guys on the installation side and are constantly adding features based on request.

October saw the launch of our Control4 driver which has been wonderfully received by installers. As always, we have had some great feedback about the performance of the driver.

Local content indexing now runs every minute, so no need to wait when new tracks are added to a local library.

Application back-linking can now be performed using lodeaudio:// And thanks to IOS9 no work needs to be done the other end to return to your control system application. Only valuable to those control systems we don’t have drivers for.

Lode is proud to announce support of Hotelradio FM. More to come on this next month with our official launch of the integration, but very exciting for those of you involved in hotel and hospitality installations.

Thanks also to those of you that have taken the time to vote for features on our website. Watch this space as the LA1 is coming soon. Inputs, outputs, amplification everything that you have asked for.

Please continue with the great feedback and requests, this product is made for you guys and our entire development road map is dictated by you.

Click here to provide feedback or vote for features.

Lode is proud to announce the launch of its Control4 driver

Key features

  • 4 zone multi-room audio server (stackable over 40 zones).
  • 1u rack mountable unit milled from aluminum.
  • 32 bit / 192 Khz audio quality.
  • Zone grouping and party mode without the need for a matrix.
  • Top streaming services integration, including Internet radio.
  • Local music integration with playlists.
  • AirPlay to each zone.
  • iOS, Android, Windows desktop and OSX controllers.

The driver is available at no cost to you or your customers and has been developed by our friends at Janus Technologies, it also takes full advantage of the new Control4 media proxies and is fully compatible with Control4’s 2.8.0 firmware.


To download the driver please click here.

What’s next?

More streaming services, new control system drivers, line inputs or a one zone Lode Audio Server?

Have your say what’s coming next, vote here.


Become a dealer today

Only accredited installers are able to offer Lode and only those who have performed a number of successful installations earn our ‘gold star’ rating whom we pass leads directly to.

The Lode accreditation scheme gives the customer the reassurance that their installation is in professional hands, while the installer enjoys benefits such as:

  • Access to our support desk, resources and knowledge base.
  • Advance notice of any new developments.
  • Add-ons such as drivers at no extra charge

Sign up here, today to become a Lode dealer.

Tips for installing bulletproof Sonos systems.

lode for sonos

Over the years working with our customers and Sonos, we have helped with hundreds of installs to configure the network and Sonos to ensure stability of the system. To share this experience, we’ve created a handy little guide for you and your engineers. Please click here to find out more.


The new Lode Audio Website.Come and check out our new website bursting with new features and services!

  • Download apps, firmware and control system resources.
  • Dealer & installer locator and registration.
  • Tips and resources for installers.
  • Feature requests for the CI market.
  • And much, much more!


Coming Soon

More awesomeness around the corner, brace yourselves Control4 dealers, the Lode Audio driver is coming…

Have your say what’s coming next, vote here.

Introducing the desktop control suite


Now your clients can control Lode via our free desktop apps for Windows & OSX.


  • Music browsing with album art.
  • Zone grouping including party mode.
  • Grouped volume controls.
  • Simple and sleek cross service music search.
  • Playlists & favourites management.
  • Queue organization and saving.
  • And much, much more……

*Requires Lode Audio firmware 1.5.10


Watch our Apps in action…


A great alternative to Sonos.

With the Lode control suite, coupled with the integration of the best audiophile streaming services, Lode is the perfect replacement for Sonos in your rack. Offering higher quality audio playback and a better dealer margin.

Lode’s Lodenet™ protocol enables you to have up to 64 zones of audio in a single rack with no need for a matrix to manage zone grouping.


Coming Soon

More awesomeness around the corner, brace yourself Control4 dealers, the Lode LA4 driver is coming…

Have your say what’s coming next, vote here.


New LODE Firmware Release


LA4 New Firmware Release

We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to bring you the biggest update for the LA4 yet.

Key features:

Lodenet now has unicast

Lode_SetupThis means little to no network configuration when installing. You can still use multicast for large installs for optimum performance.

Single LA4 without internet


With this release there is no requirement for an internet connection when streaming local content from a single LA4, handy for those looking for audio solutions for yachts.

Local music indexing revamp

Lode_MacLocal music indexing now performs every minute, yep every minute. 

No need to tell the Lode system to re-index, just add new music to your library and it will be available in Lode before you have made a cup of coffee, unless you have a Nespresso machine.

Artwork & track data on AirPlay

Lode_iPhone7Album artwork and track data is also supported when airplaying to Lode.

There are many other tweaks and updates that we have done behind the scenes to help make your Lode experience the best it can be. 
As always we want all your feedback and feature requests.

The more information you provide us with, the better we can tailor this product to your requirements.

LODE Welcomes TIDAL To The Party

Lode is proud to announce the integration of TIDAL’s extensive 25 million+ track collection of high fidelity audio into the Lode LA4 audio server.


  • Lossless quality streaming (FLAC 44.1kHz / 16 bit – 1411 kbps).
  • Access to more than 25 million music tracks.
  • Radio stations based on genres, moods, albums or artists.
  • Discovery of new music via TIDAL’s recommendations.
  • Multiple simultaneous streams via LodeNet.
  • Availability in over 30 countries.

The TIDAL integration is available via a simple firmware upgrade from your Lode LA4 admin console. We hope you enjoy this union as much as we do.

What’s coming next from LODE?


Since we launched our new website earlier this year, we have been running a poll of features that the market would like to see, so here is what’s coming next:

  • New unicast LodeNet protocol.
  • Control4 drivers.
  • Savant profile.
  • RTI drivers.
  • Amped 1 Zone system offering analogue and digital inputs.

We are actively working away on all the above and will keep you posted with release dates over the coming weeks.

Please continue to submit your feature requests and feedback. It’s through your valued opinions that this product is continually being enhanced to meet the requirements of your projects and customers.

Contact LODE today for more information on becoming a dealer and get 6 months free TIDAL on your next purchase!

LODE LA4 – now with AirPlay

2015 is a great year for multi-room audio thanks to our new updates.

The LA4 now enables AirPlay of localised content to each audio zone on the network using LODE’s AirPlay bridge technology, that’s 4 zones of AirPlay in each LA4 unit.


Top Features.Lode_airplay

  • 4 zone (stackable up to 50 zones of audio).
  • AirPlay bridge to each zone (NEW).
  • Zone management using LODENET.
  • Queue & playlist management.
  • Local music integration.
  • iTunes playlist support (NEW).
  • Rdio Integration.
  • Internet radio integration.
  • SoundCloud integration.

Control & Integration.

  • Native Amx integration.
  • Native Crestron integration.
  • LODE designed iOS & Android apps.

The LODE LA4 is Now Shipping

The future of multi-room audio has arrived


Key Features.

  • 4 Zone Audio Server.
  • Stackable up to 32 Zones.
  • Powered by LODENET (Audio-Over-Ethernet Matrix).
  • Local Music Library Streaming.
  • Streaming Services (Rdio, SoundCloud, Internet Radio).
  • LODE iOS / Android App.
  • Home Automation Control Integration.

Click here to read more about how the LA4 is THE multi room audio solution, designed from the ground up for the custom installation industry.

Sire Control is now Lode Audio



Sire Control is synonymous with the Sire for Sonos integration bridge, allowing customers to unleash the integration potential of Sonos with Crestron and AMX.

Whilst we love Sonos and will continue to support and develop the Sire for Sonos products, we have been busy the last year developing and manufacturing our own multi room audio product – the LODE LA4 audio server, which we will be launching later this month.

With this new product range, we decided that a new brand was required.  therefore, we are delighted to announce that Sire Control is now Lode Audio.  The name may have changed but the people here and the products will remain the same.


The LA4 is a 4 zone media server expandable over the network using our patent pending audio over ethernet protocol LODENET.

We will send out more information on the LA4 a few days before launch, in the meantime if you would like further information